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el Rata Arts / BIO

"The Argentinization of the American culture...or the other way around"

Facundo Gioffré; Argentine expat, MDC Alumni & the mind behind this, welcomes you to el Rata Arts.

Founded in Miami back on the 23rd day of August of the year 2000 under the name 'La Página del Rata', was mostly a page of Argentine wit. Relaunched in the year 2012 to showcase works in Digital Arts, Animation & Game Design.

Since 2015 we have been fully devoted to the design and publication of video games. G
ames with a minimalist style that pay homage to old classics. Our first video game 'Macdonut Cop' (©2016) it's a 2D platformer, in which you play as America's favourite donut eating cop: grab the donuts, avoid the obstacles and beat the clock, as you go through the platformer levels. Our second video game 'Sumo Skater' (©2017) it's an endless runner, in which you play as a Sumo Skater: skate, grab the sushis and score points, all while avoiding to fall on the water. Our third video game is ehhh...currently under development!


Plus you can get 'Sumo Skater(©2017) on the Google Play Store! Click Here!

Finally in 2020 we launched BULL SHIRT, which is our line of exclusive design shirts (and other stuff!) that embrace the American culture from an Argentine's point of view...or maybe it's the other way go ahead and figure that out! Shop BULL SHIRT on Teespring

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